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The Integrated Project and Financial Management Solution

The project and financial management solution Fundtrac® does not only interpret development aid projects from a financial perspective, as regular ERP systems do. Its integrated view of the planning of projects and their resources, costs, and funds ensures that charities and their donors are always kept informed about the progress of an intervention. With Fundtrac, even the most complex projects can be planned transparently and effectively – budgeting, payroll, and document management included. The result is an all-encompassing overview of resources and a complete record of all funds coming in from donor organisations.

Fundtrac® is fully compliant with the standards and workflows of national and international aid organisations. Compliance with standardised instruments in project management such as Project Cycle Management (PCM) or Logical Framework Approach (LFA) ensure that daily project management chores are quickly completed and the cost of controlling reduced accordingly. In addition, Fundtrac provides all classical planning tools of an accounting system in financial accounting, cost accounting, and fixed booking.

In addition to Arabic, German, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, Fundtrac® is also available in Georgian, Azerbaijani, and Russian.

With its advanced feature set for fund management, Fundtrac® offers a comprehensive solution for individual donor support and the transparent use of large donations. Organisations from the social economy can now build tailored relationships with target groups and donors, plan customised fundraising campaigns, collect and evaluate donations, and manage their use professionally.

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