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Electronic Procurement

Even in organisations in development cooperation and the social economy, economic pressures are mounting. Procurement still offers considerable potential for optimisation through the use of e-procurement solutions to streamline the purchasing process and influence purchasing behaviour, thus dramatically reducing the cost of the process itself.

Therefore, the focus of Wilken E-Procurement is on leveraging the resource-saving potential of electronic procurement. The electronic, catalog-based procurement platform organises and facilitates all processes associated with the task while ensuring full transparency.

Wilken E-Procurement is a software package that comprehensively supports you in the acquisition of ABC-goods. It also provides you with interfaces to the Fundtrac┬« project management solution by Wilken Ciwi or other popular solutions on the market.

The entire acquisition process, from request to release to actual order and delivery is handled within one single smart e-procurement solution. This includes a virtual warehouse and a lean budget management tool. The solution permits you to focus on only the features you really need and dispense with those irrelevant to you.

Wilken E-Procurement can be employed as a module integrated into Fundtrac®, as a stand-alone solution, or in conjunction with any ERP system already installed. As a stand-alone application, order generation is handled in Wilken E-Procurement. Furthermore, a virtual warehouse (manual or box storage) and a basic budget management tool (individual budgets for groups) can also be used alongside.

Your benefits when using Wilken E-Procurement:

  • Benefit from cost savings through e-procurement
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Reduction of workload for the procurement department
  • Paperless and fully web-based
  • Full transparency and overview 
  • Resource savings through a paperless procurement and approval process
  • Quality and organisational optimisation by integration with legacy systems
  • Workflow-controlled approval process
  • Predefined order framework allows for room for negotiation with suppliers
  • Supplier evaluation and qualification
  • Web and role-based access
  • Comprehensive reporting tool

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