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Concept Design by Wilken Ciwi

Identification of Requirements

The identification of your technological requirements is a common prerequisite of the roll-out of any extensive software package. On the basis of detailed checklists, we do not only help you prepare for the actual launch, but also with the advance detection of the characteristics of your institution and the definition of a customised solution.

Wilken Ciwi's services include:

  • Creation of system specifications independent of the software solution or its manufacturer
  • Preparation of tenders
  • Creation of questionnaires
  • Analysis of legacy software and its use


Introductory Concept

Software implementation at Wilken Ciwi begins with a professional design for which we work with our  clients to identify the business processes to be supported by the new software, define system parameters, and create specifications of required interfaces, a data migration roadmap, extensions, as well as an interim project plan and a definition of the respective responsibilities together with all project participants.

Wilken Ciwi's services include:

  • Survey of current business processes and their parameters
  • Drafting of a target concept of planned processes and their requirements
  • Functionality comparison of applications involved
  • Interface concept
  • Analysis of data migration
  • Training concept (key users, administrator user etc.)


Conceptual Consultancy

Conceptual consultancy by Wilken Ciwi encompasses a number of topics in the fields of professional software usage, business process optimisation, and corporate management.

Here, the aim of consultancy is to further extend the value of the software to be used regardless of their vendors and to identify any potential for optimisation in business and organisational processes.

Our expert consultants contribute their practical expertise and experience from similar national and international projects in development cooperation and the social economy.